Humans are living longer than ever before. The Census Bureau estimates that in fifty years there will be over 1 million Americans who will live beyond 102 years of age—this is a trend that is true in Canada and many other areas across the globe as well. The implications of this trend toward longer lifespans are enormous because people are not only concerned with living as long as possible, but also as well as possible. These demographics call for a re-structuring of how society thinks about and plans for aging. A 70 year old senior planning to live to 102 will do things very differently than the aging adult planning to live to 75. One of the key concerns of aging seniors hold is the fear of losing a sense of independence. While the standard used to be that once an aging adult hit a certain age, he or she would give up their home and transition to an assisted living facility, the trend is changing. More and more adults are choosing to make modifications to their homes and enlist assistance and support to enable them to “age in place” or remain in their own home as they age.
Understanding the trends in aging and how savvy older adults are modifying their lifestyle and long term care plans to enable them to live longer and happier lives is incredibly important for aging adults and their loved ones. While there is not one, single explanation for why some adults are able to live longer and more productive lives than other seniors, there is a growing body of research looking at healthy longevity and trying to pinpoint various factors that contribute to a longer and more active lifespan. We have been following this research closely; along with what we have learned over the years as leading advocates for aging adults across North America on healthy longevity and quality of life in older age, we have developed a number of materials for seniors and their loved ones on aging well.
Our mission is to change the way the world ages. This includes sharing the research we follow and tips we have learned over the years with the community.  Happy to 102, a renowned book on longevity, provides tips and advice for increasing longevity and maximizing quality of life. We are offering this book as a free download in order to get you or someone you love started on the journey to a long and healthy life.